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Warriors of the old Testament

Nu har jag läst halva, dvs Josua och King David:
 JOSUA,King DAVID,  Nebudkanessar, JUDAS Maccabeus.
"The history of the Jewish people is one of constant struggle and military conflict. This volume tells the exciting yet violent stories of four great leaders from the pages of the bible. Three were champions of Israel, whilst the other was one of of its greatest oppressors. Throughout, Biblical accounts are compared and contrasted dramattically with historical fact and likelihood. There is a wealth of fascinating detail on the military campigns, battles, weaponry and the armed conflict covering som thirteen hundred years of Bible history." 
Traditionellt tänkt rutt för Exodus ur Egypten
 Boken är  en fröjd att läsa: klargörande uppställd och illustrerad med kartor,  foton och tecknade ilustrationer och redovisar trovärdigt VAD och NÄR man kan  sluta sig till att de i bibeln berättade händelserna tilldrog sig. Efter åt citeras sedan bibelställena.
" A cast from the temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu.
This Philistine wears the characteristic headress associated with the Pelest or Sea Peoples."
"The David and Goliath confrontation indicates the importance of single combt as a substitute for full battle in the Iron Age Hear Eas, emphasising the sling´s effectiveness evan against an armourd infantryman."
The third account is one that is most associated with David in people´s minds - the killing of Goliat. The story contains all the elements that make for a classic legend: a simple lad whose courage and faith enables him to triumph over the seemingly invincible enemy, when the "professional" soldiers through cowadice or fear are unwilling to take on such a foe --- However one should be more than a little wary to accepting the historical varacity of the ´Goliath story at face vaöue. After all, Samuel attributes the killing of Goliath to another:
"Again  war with the Philistines broke out  at Gob, and Elhanan son of Jair, of Bethlehem, killed Goliath of Gath, the shaft of  whose spear was like a weavers beam" (2 Samuel 21:20-21!)
Återkommer  när
Nebudkanessar och Judas Maccabeus avverkats!

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