tisdag, januari 19, 2016

A Bell for Adano

Denna pocketbok á 50c publicerad 1944, tror jag den gamle medförde i boet när detta uppstod 1955.
Jag vet att han läste den, han var livet ut väldigt intresserad av andra världskriget och dess följder.
 Ur Wikpeda:
"The town of Adano is a fictional Sicilian port town modeled after the real town of Licata, one of the disembarkation town of the Allied Occupation of Italy. Just like Adano, the town of Licata has a shipping and sulfur industry, a fishing port, and its largest church is the Church of Sant'Angelo. Additionally, Benito Mussolini did have Licata's 700 year old bell melted to make ammunition. Major Joppolo is based on the American military governor of Licata named Frank E. Toscani. John Hersey visited Toscani for four or five days during the war and created Victor Joppolo from him, even noting that he held a job as a civilian clerk in the New York City Sanitation Department. General Marvin is an obvious depiction of the World War II General Patton, who was known for his bitterness and cruelty, but also his effectiveness."
"A wellritten, funny, at times serious and deeply disturbing story of the Amerivan invasion in Italy...
Dogmatically recommended !
Jag var ju 9 år 1944; 
Jag kan förstå hur denna nöjsamma, ömsinta, burleska historia 
väckte blandade känslor .
Boken kommer att skickas på en sejour bland barnbarnen!

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