fredag, maj 30, 2008


I går morse åhörde vi via frukost-TV:n Condoleezza Rice uttala sig vid presskonferensen inför Irakkonferensen.

Vilket språk - koncentration och stringens - Vilken kvinna!

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Och så kan hon spela piano ....

Ms. Rice is an accomplished pianist. At 15 she performed Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor with the Denver Symphony Orchestra, her prize for winning a student competition. Until college she intended to pursue music professionally. Now 51, she plays as often as every other week with this group, which convened three years ago. Until now it was a realm of her very public life that she kept private.

People often ask her, Ms. Rice said that day, whether playing chamber music is relaxing. "It's not exactly relaxing if you are struggling to play Brahms," she explained. "But it is transporting. When you're playing there is only room for Brahms or Shostakovich. It's the time I'm most away from myself, and I treasure it."


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